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I teach history and geography and came to Le Havre more than five years ago when I moved jobs. I very quickly lost all my preconceptions about the town and its inhabitants. I have made the town my own and met some very rewarding people. I am today a great defender of Le Havre and all it stands for. I love the theatre, so we might, if we have the opportunity and decide we want to do so, pop backstage and see a company or a theatre. In any case, I’d like you to come with me and discover another, alternative, side of Le Havre, and some exceptional, unusual vantage points. Let’s raise the curtain together!

Places I will take you:
• A photogenic excursion round Le Havre and some amazing sites
• A stroll through Le Havre to get add taste of its gastronomy and the feel for the ambience of its different quarters


Availability:  On Wednesday and weekends

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