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To me, and since a long time, living in Le Havre is living ‘’ elsewhere ‘’ which requires a little explanation to visitors, inevitably amazed, by the meaning of my words. And not, without a touch of humour, I carry on by saying : ‘’ You know, Le Havre is not, what people commonly think or definitely not, what you have heard, as this town is unique in one way or another ‘’.
Le Havre is in me, because I saw its complete reconstruction, stone after stone, building after building and also because It’s all my life.
‘’ LH ’’ as said today , has always been out of common tracks. By promoting daring in the different styles, architects have given back a soul to this town, the first modern one in France to be awarded World heritage.
But, its specific architecture, is not the only attractiveness. Just an exemple : which town can actually be proud of having both a beach by 2 km long downtown and a real forest at only ten minutes away by car from the city center ?
Estimated guests, for all these reasons, I am eager to share with you, my love story with LH. Whatever you have in mind, namely : the rebuilt centre, the high town and its magnificent overviews, or the seafront side, the choice will always remain yours, and that will include some other surprises.
See you soon !

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