Meet our Greeters

Feel like walking off the beaten tracks ?  Get some fresh tips and see places you probably wouldn’t find alone ? Who better than an inhabitant can offer you this ? In Le Havre our Greeters take you for a stroll on the footsteps of major architects who have built the city and famous painters or writers who left their mark… Shall we get the pulse of the city or simply enjoy its wonderful natural assets such as gardens, beach or sea basins ?

What is a Greeter?

A Greeter is a local resident who volunteers to take a visitor on an informal, unscripted walk through the city. Greeters are no professional guides but are keen to share their passion and knowledge with visitors : discoveries, walks, tips... in their own way !

International Greeter Association

Greeters'organizations are members of the International Gretter Association. IGA helps new cities and regions to establish their own program. The network is growing fast ! In2019, 200 cities have a greeter organization, 65 of which are in France, the world's leading network. Contact the French Greeters :

Share your experiences!

A word or more, a feeling, an atmosphere... Exchanges may continue after your visit in le Havre. Tell us about your experience on social media : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.