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49 Replies to “GUEST BOOK”

  1. Rosemary (U.K.)

    My visit was excellent (apart from the weather!). Karine had done some preparation beforehand – a table booked for lunch and a conducted tour of the ship owner’s house. These were very welcome reservations.

  2. Helen (Gibraltar)

    Josiane provided comprehensive insight into the postwar history of Le Havre, with particular emphasis on its architecture, and gave me detailed information on the political background and the city’s commercial importance. Highly recommended.

  3. Paul (U.K.)

    Florence met me as planned at Place Perret. We enjoyed a wonderful walk around the area. She was chatty and great fun. I learnt a lot about the town , history and the buildings. We were both prepared to walk all the time. Apart from the venicular ride and a stop for a coffee, we kept on the go the whole time! Thank you very much. I will thoroughly recommend Greeters to all my friends.

  4. Stephen (England)

    Sylvie, was fantastic. Our group had 6 persons ranging from 20 to 50 Years. Prior to the meeting day, we communicated on several occasions via email to arrange an appropriate time, place to meet and itinerary as we arrived on a cruise ship. We meet at the arranged time and place introduced ourselves and Sylvie started to provide us with historical landmarks and information. We then started our walk into Le Havre where we were shown everything the city had to offer. Sylvie was very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. We incorporated a coffee stop at our request, in our walk which was very nice. We loved our day, thank you very much for showing us your great town.

  5. Rosanella (England)

    I absolutely enjoyed the tour with Sylvie! Her passion for the history of art and architecture made Le Havre come to life. Up until that day, I didn’t know the many details that characterised the reconstruction of the city. How fascinating! Incidentally Sylvie is also an Esperantist, so I had a tour in Esperanto followed by a meet up with a couple of Esperantists. My mum joined us too (our first social event in 2 months since we’ve been here). We ended up chatting in three languages. Marvellous! 🙂 Thank you Sylvie for welcoming us to Le Havre 🙂 x

  6. Michelle (UK)

    We had a wonderful Time with Florence on our Tour she went above and beyond to make our Stop in Le Havre My favourite Port stop. I was impressed with the variety Le Havre has to offer

  7. Perry (United Kingdom)

    Thank you for a fantastic tour, it was more than just a factual introduction to Le Havre, Olivier gave us warm and friendly insights to the spirit of the city and himself.

  8. Paula (Canada)

    Josiane was the best. She was knowledgeable, so sweet and helpful. What a perfect day she gave us. We could not have for anyone better. She came as a stranger and left as a friend

  9. Donna (USA)

    Wonderful time with Sylvie. She was warm and gracious and so eager to sheer her city with us. We both had a wonderful day

  10. Jennifer (USA)

    We spent out time with Karine and had an absolutely wonderful visit. We saw parts of the city that we never would have discovered on our own. Karine was so personable and we felt as though we were spending the morning with a friend.

  11. Theresa (USA)

    It was a great pleasure to explore Le Havre with Florence. I felt that we became instant friends. Her great personality, knowledge and engaging manner made this a memorable greet for me. I wish that I had had more time in port. Next time!

  12. Darla (USA)

    Our day with Sylvie was fantastic and she was generous with her time. We could instantly tell she loves her city, and she has a library of history about Le Havre in her memory. We were so lucky to meet Sylvie and share the day with her.

  13. Marsha (U.S.A.)

    We had a wonderful time with Sylvie! She was so.knowledgeable, friendly, energetic and fun to be with.

  14. Janina (Germany)

    We had a wonderful day in Le Havre with Jean-Michel. Jean-Michel was a perfect greeter. He shows us the whole City and knews a lot of the City. We can recommend everyone to visit Le Havre with Jean-Michel.

  15. Janice (USA)

    Josiane was amazing! She knew so much history about Le Havre. I enjoyed our walk around the city and I learned about the people, culture and art all around the city. I would have missed this on my own. Josiane was kind and answered all my questions. The experience was great and enriched my visit to Le Havre. Josiane was wonderful. I would highly recommend. I will return to Le Havre again, soon Thank you very much! Janice

  16. Roger (Enland)

    Michel was an excellent host. Having lived in Le Havre since he was 3 years old he could give us a first hand account of the history, the changes in architectural style, and the interesting places to see. He is also a very nice man and we enjoyed his company immensely. This is a great scheme, thank you. Roger and Gill

  17. Keith (Wales)

    My wife and I really enjoyed our two hours spent in the company of Claude. Claude gave us an excellent insight into the history and Architecture of Le Havre and we were particularly impressed with the church , designed by Auguste du Perret. We hope to visit Le Havre again , Thanks Claude

  18. Paul (USA)

    We enjoyed seeing the true side of Le Havre. Xavier, our Greeter was very pleasant, friendly and knowledgable.

  19. Jennifer (Canada)

    We had the most wonderful time with Patrice. He was so knowledgeable about the area and truly shows how much he loves his city. I highly recommend the greeters program and especially Patrice!!

  20. Hebret (Ethiopia)

    Patrice was an excellent greeter – full of knowledge, energy & passion for Le Havre! We are VERY grateful for his time & the secrets shared. Bravo!

  21. Gabriele (Germany)

    Josiane was waiting for us in Le Havre and gave us a fantastic tour. She is so knowledgeable, charming and a very easygoing woman. We had a great time with her and I hope we can meet again somewhere sometime. Thanks so much!

  22. Yves (Belgium)

    We would like to thank Michel again for the great LH experience he gave us this afternoon! We just loved the tour and his great knowledge about this beautiful city!
    I will recommend Le Havre in combination with your Greeters tour to everybody!
    Take care!

  23. Anthony (Wales)

    We had a great couple of hours with Patrice and we thank him for this. His knowledge and his love for his home City was second to none. He pointed out things we would never have seen or appreciated ourselves and we will forever remember this. His charm and whitt (welsh word) made us feel at total ease.

  24. Alison (Wales)

    What a privilege to have met you today. Thank you so much for your time and extensive knowledge of your home City. What you do to promote your City is Amazing – we will never look at a building in the same way again!

  25. Sharon (USA)

    In preparation for our Transatlantic cruise that visited Le Havre, I became acquainted with the “Greeter” organization. I corresponded with Josiane and my husband and I arranged to meet her and stroll around her city. We learned about the history of Le Havre and toured several special locations, but most importantly, the love and admiration Josiane has for her home was demonstrated throughout our time together. We felt like we had made an important connection with Le Havre as a result of our experience with our Greeter, Josiane. This articulate and interesting woman made our time together among the highlights of our trip.

  26. Roselind (Australia)

    I was very impressed with the level of detailed knowledge and the passion our greeter (Patrice) showed about his beloved Le Havre. The history, the architecture, the Rugby,…and so much more. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get to know and love Le Havre. Thank you so much.

  27. Andreas (Germany)

    Thanks again to Josiane! This has been an interesting and entertaining tour. We appreciated your personal welcome to Le Havre. Also the interesting talk about cultural and literature. We hope to see you again. We would be happy to give you a welcome tour in Berlin! Andreas & Cristina

  28. Bianka ( Germany)

    The tour with Patrice was very interesting and we learned a lot. He was very flexible in the time arrangement, the route of the tour and accepting also my parents, who cam spontaneous during the weekend, to join. In the confusion of 3 languages (German, English and French) we had much fun, learned more about each others culture and about Le Havre. Overall time well spend with great inputs all along.

  29. Chlaud (Germany)

    We had a very meaningful and nice greet with Claude in Le havre this summer. It will last as a very personal and nice impression of our stays in Normandy. MERCI BEAUCOUP, Chlaud.

  30. Antje (Deutschland)

    Hi Erik, thanks again for Your time and your comprehensive and interesting tour. We really enjoyed it.

  31. Federica (Italy)

    Claude was nice talkitive speaks very good English and she has made us appreciate more the architecture and history behind it in Le Havre

  32. Pernille (Denmark)

    It was a great experience with a very friendly guide. Thank you!

  33. Alexandra (Hong-Kong)

    It was an absolute delight to discover Le Havre with Claude who was not only very knowledgeable but also very nice.

  34. Katie (United Kingdom)

    Had an amazing time with Josiane. Was really interesting to see the area through a locals eyes. Josiane was really good company and was very friendly and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend the Greeter program to any tourist.

  35. Judith (England)

    THANK YOU Patrice!
    You were passionate about your home town and so some of that love and knowledge was passed onto us ( in English too! I’m afraid the British are rather lazy when it comes to languages). We have now returned to England with fond memories of our day spent with you.
    Of course we also enjoyed our tea and cake!
    Thank you again. Christiane and Patrick chose our Le Havre Greeter very well!
    With best wishes
    Judith & Ian Roberts.

  36. Nicole (Nederlands)

    A super walk done with Patrice, Le Havre is definitely worth a visit. A greeter who loves his city, and who has also shown us the beauty of the city.

  37. Hanne (Nederlands)

    It was our first experience with a greeter and we were very pleased! We enjoyed our stroll, had a nice time with lovely information and as we were in le Havre only for one day, it was exactly what we wanted. Without our Greeter Elisabeth we would not have found some of the little gems she showed us

  38. Edward (USA)

    We had a lovely, lively, interesting walk with Karine. Her love of the city was contagious and we now plan to visit again. Karine was more than a greeter, a friend who took time to share an morning with us.

  39. Luc (Belgium)

    We had a good walk with greeter Patrice. He is a real Havrais with a great knowledge of Le Havre. We saw Le Havre with a personal touch of Patrice which is unique experience you must do.

  40. Joana (Ireland)

    Patrice gets itchy feet but we were very fortunate that he made sure that he was in Le Havre to meet us when he found out our proposed dates to visit. What a greeter! Patrice started being our guide even before we arrived to Le Havre. Due to his recommendations, we adjusted our plans in Normandy and gained a more interesting view of the region.
    The tourist guides and articles which we consulted were very dismissive about Le Havre. They couldn’t be more wrong! The city centre of Le Havre and Auguste Perret’s masterpiece, Saint Joseph Church are so beautiful, detailed and graceful. We are very grateful for all Patrice´s time and energy.

  41. Jeff (Canada)

    Karine was an amazing greeter in Le Havre and took care of us from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the area and we truly appreciated our time with her on our cruise stop.

  42. Sarah (England)

    My parents and I had a fantastic walk with Sylvie. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her hometown, LH!

  43. Sarah (England)

    I had a fantastic bike ride with my Greeter Catherine. We got to see a lot of the city and she had something to tell me about everything we saw – history, art, French culture… She was happy to answer all of my questions and is going to give my husband a tour later this week as he couldn’t come on the date I had my tour.

  44. John (USA)

    I was very pleased with this service. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. The amount of time was just right and I felt I got a glimpse of the city I was looking for.

  45. Petes (HaĂŻti)

    Patrice is a very Friendly & Professional greeter. Looked after us like a best friend. Helped us in every possible way. Highly recommended him when you visit Le Havre for the 1st time, when you don’t know what to do & where to go. When you really want to know the story of the city. Patrice has a lot of passion for his city and you can see that. He is available to any traveler who would like to visit Le Havre. I would 100% recommend him as a great greeter. Let’s Patrice show you around! Thank you Patrice, you are a star.

  46. Ines (Argentina)

    Absolutely amazing tour! Sylvie is extremely knowledgeable about Le Havre history, and was great about answering all of our questions regarding this beautiful city. She was always prompt and on time when meeting us at our hotel. I would 100% recommend her as a great greeter!! Thank you very much Sylvie for everything, you gave us a really great idea about Le Havre. Ines

  47. Judith (Australia)

    We had a wonderful tour of Le Harve with Claudia who always had a smile on her face. She is a great ambassador for the city who is very proud of her home city.

  48. Stephan (USA)

    Thank you very much Sylvie for your tour! We were very satisfied and we feel we learned a lot about your city. We really appreciate your sharing with us.

  49. Rice Wagner

    This is a wonderful organization and way to meet local people who love and want to share their cities. I had a great time with my greeter, Claude, who was fun, informative and a joy to get to know. I will take this experience home with me, and if possible, will start a Greeter group in my hometown in Florida. Thank you for this ‘slice-of-life’ experience!

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