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I have lived in Le Havre for 30 years and have come to know and love this town through my profession as a walking photographer. In fact, this is an ideal way to get to know this World Heritage site and the sights offered by this incredibly rich area. Whether you start with the lower town and take its 89 steps (or funicular railway!) up to the upper town with its superb location and commanding views of the Seine estuary, or stroll around in the lower town with the straight lines of Perret’s architecture or Niemeyer’s curved version, I can guarantee a new and exciting view of the city. These walks offer literally breath-taking rewards. I hope to see you very soon and share with you some amazing vantage points and spend an enjoyable time speaking with you in the language of Molière…

Where I will take you:
• Unesco-listed city centre
• From the lower town to the upper town with views from its stairs
• The heights of Sainte-Adresse, the southernmost point of the Alabaster Coast

Languages: drapeau_FR

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