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I was born in Le Havre and, as a painter, I am susceptible to the light in Le Havre. We can not but be sensitive to its sunsets and sunrises with colors so intense.
The port, the estuary, the industry, the mix of concrete architecture and greenery make Le Havre an extraordinary city in constant move.
Along our stroll, we will admire prestigious cruise ships disputing attention to giant container ships. I enjoy this seaside where stands the Museum of Modern Art André Malraux (MuMa), watching over cultural treasures as well as the entrance of the port.
In Le Havre, nature is a highlight. The sea, forests and city parks make you take a deep breath and feel free. Let’s enjoy the fresh air together!

My favourite strolls :
• The city center and its Perret architecture
• The seaside and its cornices where are located sumptuous mansions with their own history
• Fishing port, ponds, old neighborhoods
• The heights of Le Havre with its bucolic gardens (access by a funicular)

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