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You like strolling and mainly discovering what makes an original moving city, then follow me…

No need to knock on the “Porte Océane” to discover the spirit of the architect Auguste Perret proudly standing alongside Oscar Niemeyer style.

Town center, fishing harbor, docks, industrial and port structures are clearly mixed. Le Havre is a remarkable city!

We could also walk along the seafront, see the container ships & colored sailing boats or gaze at the magnificent sunsets to remember that our city has inspired the impressionists painters such as Claude Monet with his famous painting “Impression soleil levant”.

Strolling in Le Havre you’ll realize our town is an open air art gallery, as a painter I appreciate the street art which is all over the city side by side with old historical buildings. Those masterpieces are signed by famous artists (Jace and his Gouzous for example).

We can head towards Sainte Adresse, now some kind of holiday resort to Le Havre people, but also the place where the Belgian government took refuge during the 1st world war.

Breathtaking panoramas are waiting for you from the wooded heights of Le Havre and the Hanging Gardens, it is easy to get there on foot or cable car.

And last and not least, why not head to the World’s End, the original spot where Le Havre people like to meet, but shhh… it is a secret!

Let’s breathe some fresh air in Le Havre, between sea and land, where it is easier to move along than in any other places!

Let’s get a breath of fresh air together!



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