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I am so proud to come from Le Havre! I left the town to study chemistry and have travelled internationally during my professional career and can now appreciate its strength of character all the better. The presence of the sea and the port give it a feeling of space unlike any other city, except perhaps Brasília… Master architect Oscar Niemeyer did not put a foot wrong – since UNESCO recognised our reconstructed heritage, I have been a tireless ambassador for the beauty of Le Havre: the beach, MuMa Museum, St Joseph Church, Avenue Foch, the Town Hall Gardens, Square St Roch. I will tell you why Le Havre’s football and rugby teams are amongst France’s oldest clubs, why HAC’s colours are light blue and dark blue, and that the Rowing Club is also the oldest in France.

Where I will take you:
• The ports
• The UNESCO Heritage site centre
• Saint-François disctrict
• From Le Havre to Honfleur
• From Le Havre to Etretat

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