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What a pride to be « Havrais »! After having left Le Havre for my studies and traveled around the world since then, I appreciate all the more the strength of the city’s character. The broad avenues intensify the sense of space one feels here more than in any other city… except may be in Brasilia created by Oscar Niemeyer who also designed Le Havre’s Volcan. The recognition of Le Havre’s rebuilt city centre as World Heritage in 2005 certainly made me even more enthusiastic : a real ambassador of Le Havre’s beauty and many charms: the beach, the avenue Foch (the local « Champs-Elysées »), the skyscrapping St Joseph church, the extraordinary Oscar Niemeyer library, the Hôtel de Ville and Saint-Roch gardens, the MuMa art museum or the Hanging Gardens… and so on. I will also disclose why the football and rugby clubs of Le Havre are the oldest of France and will show you some highlights of the local street-art.

Depending on your wishes, I will help you discover and love “My Le Havre”, such as:

  • World Heritage city center
  • Waterfront and Sainte-Adresse
  • Saint François and Notre-Dame districts