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I was born in Le Havre and have come back here after 8 years abroad. I love the urban spaces, the sea views and the quality of life you find here. Le Havre and the Seine estuary brought that light that inspired major Impressionist painters such as Monet. I suggest that our walk should include the rebuilt inner city (UNESCO world heritage) or the new districts around the docks, the seafront or a greener side with the Hanging Gardens (botanical garden) and Square Saint-Roch. For unusual views and the opportunity to discover Le Havre off the beaten track, let’s take a walk that might just take us to the ‘world’s end’. Follow me!

Where I will take you:
• Centre listed as a Unesco World Heritage site
• Seafront and historic districts in Sainte-Adresse

Languages: drapeau_olivier

Availability: Saturday morning

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