Sylvie’s walk

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I was born in Le Havre and love my home-city. As a former teacher I am trained to be curious and keen on travelling and photographing. I live down-town, close to the historical port.
Over the centuries the geographical location of Le Havre has given full opportunity to maritime adventures and departure of Europeans. My city has also welcomed lots of populations from more or less distant horizons.
So open the “Porte Océane” (nickname for Le Havre) and discover our multicultural identity.
Wilkommen, Welcome, Bienvenido
I invite you for a walk to discover Le Havre listed as a Unesco World Heritage.

Where I will take you:
• The reconstructed center
• Historic districts: Notre-Dame and Saint François
• The waterfront
• The other “must-see” monuments of Le Havre



Availability: From Monday to Thursday