Jean-Pierre’s walk

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As most “Havrais”, I was born in Sainte-Adresse, next to Le Havre which was the Belgium capital city during WW1
I feel so cozy in my town that I don’t travel much. So, I won’t compare but I’ll share with you my chauvinistic convictions.
Since I retired, I’ve been lucky enough to live on the seaside, just in front of the most beautiful bay in the world. I’ll try to share with you my interest for this port and this city of contrasts built where sea, river and land meet, a town erected at the end of the earth but wide open to the world.
We’ll stroll through the reconstructed city, see the “Impact”, the Arch, the MUMA, the harbor, Foch avenue (larger than the Champs Elysées), St Roch garden…..To widen your visit as far as the harbor district you can ride as long as you’ve reserved a bike
There’s a local saying popular among people who’ve been compelled to move to Le Havre for professional reasons:
You cry twice : first when you move to Le Havre, then when you leave Le Havre