Catherine’s walk

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Although I am not a native I have been living in Le Havre for a long time. I love to stroll in and outside this ever changing city, if not by foot then by bike or tram.

I can’t get enough of the seaside, the harbour basins, the pedestrian streets, the nearby historicsea resort of Sainte-Adresse, or the fabulous Hanging Gardens.

Let’s take a walk together and enjoy some of the highlights and remarkable features of our 500 year old city.

Where I will take you:

  • From the Museum of Modern Art André Malraux to the Cap de la Hève by Sainte Adresse, with an overview of the different architectures (Art Nouveau, Norman Style, Art Deco, Perret, Oscar Niemeyer …)

  • On the heights of the city by funicular

  • Through parks and gardens




On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes on Saturday.