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Havraise adoption, I currently live Sainte-Adresse, historic seaside resort which was also the seat of the Belgian government during the Great War. Adept of the little queen, I like to walk in this agglomeration that changes so quickly, bringing down the preconceived ideas that still too often accompany the imagination of non-Havrais. Whether on foot, by bike or by tram, I never get tired of exploring the beach, ponds, pedestrian streets, the Cap de la Hève or the generous green spaces like the Hanging Gardens, the Rouelles Park … I invite you to discover my city, made of original shops and remarkable places of visits, witnesses of the rich history of our city five times centenary.

Where I will take you:
• From the Museum of Modern Art André Malraux to the Cap de la Hève by Sainte Adresse, with an overview of the different architectures (Art Nouveau, Norman Style, Art Deco, Perret, Oscar Niemeyer …)
• On the heights of the city by funicular
• Through parks and gardens

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Availability: On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes on Saturday